«Raikin Plaza» Hotel, Moscow

Boutique hotel RAIKIN PLAZA is located in a quiet green area of Moscow — Maryina Roscha, close to business and cultural center of Moscow.

Мобильная версия

Our Chef

Marco Prazzoli was born in Milan, Northern Italy. At the age of 18 Marco graduated from one of the leading Italian Universities - Instituto Carlo Porta, Milan; his specialty was "Cook".

Passion for cooking appeared in Marco’s childhood. Not only his whole family loves to cook, it is a real dynasty of professional chefs. Marco’s mother and her five brothers are chefs in different restaurants in Italy. Marco cooked his first dish by himself when he was 13 years old.

He started his professional career in Venice, Italy at the Grand Hotel Milano Villa Torretta, after that he worked in the restaurant Emilia e Carlo, where he met with his teacher and friend Andrea Galli.

In 2005 Marco together with Andrea Galli continued his career in Russia with the successful opening of restaurants "Peperoni", "Cherry Mio" and "Neskuchny sad", followed with the restaurant "Semifreddo Mulinazzo" where he worked with a well-known Brand-Chef Nino Graziani.

Currently, Marco Prazzoli works as a Chef for the restaurant "Raikin Plaza Hotel", where he offers specialties of Italian, Russian and European cuisine with a flavor of his own modern and elegant style.