«Raikin Plaza» Hotel, Moscow

Boutique hotel RAIKIN PLAZA is located in a quiet green area of Moscow — Maryina Roscha, close to business and cultural center of Moscow.

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WEDDING БРАНЧ от event-агентства МОРИССОТ 11 September 2018
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ВАША СТИЛЬНАЯ СВАДЬБА! Wedding БРАНЧ для молодоженов от event-агентства МОРИССОТ 17 January 2018
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Moscow Premier Show of the Swedish Film 4 June 2017
On June 4, the conference-hall of RAIKIN PLAZA Hotel hosted the presentation of  the film “The Girl, the Mother and the Demons” directed by Suzanne Osten in partnership with Ann-Sofie Bárány, a psychologist and dramatist. 
Ten Countries in a Room 6 April 2017
Once again, RAIKIN PLAZA Hotel hosted an international team of professionals. This time we received guests from International Theatre Institute ITI under the auspices of UNESCO.
Italy of Konstantin Raikin 17 February 2017
Everyone who is in love with a cultural source has his own Pushkin, his own Moscow, his Michelangelo and his Italy. “Italy of Konstantin Raikin” does not fit in plays of Goldoni and Gozzi that he staged or “Italian” parts he played.

Traditionally, the second decade of January is the time for Raikin PLAZA Hotel to host the meeting of Professional Guild of Theatre Managers of Russia. Today, the Guild includes more than 130 theatres of Moscow, St. Petersburg and most regions of Russia, represented by their leaders.

    On January 23, 2017 the annual meeting of the Guild took place in the hotel’s conference hall, where decisions were made on matters with regard to the most important trends and issues in the field of theatre arts. The guest of honor of the meeting was Mikko Hautala, the Head of the Embassy of Finland in Russia.  

    In recent years, for many members of the Guild, Raikin PLAZA Hotel became an ideal venue for formal events as well as a familiar and cozy place: Guild members are provided with accommodation at a discount and enjoy well-loved dishes at traditional coffee breaks, lunches and buffets.

Wedding Breakfast from MORISSOT Event Agency 23 January 2017

DEAR Newly-weds,

On February 5 at 12:00, we invite you to visit us so that you could get some advice from professionals of wedding industry. You can receive comprehensive answers to questions common for those who prepare for such an important life event - a wedding.

To register, please, e-mail MOR_T@BK.RU

Theatre Studies are in Focus 24 November 2016

From time to time, the conference hall of Raikin PLAZA Hotel becomes a centre of attraction for theatre professionals. On November, 15 and 16 it held a two-day scientific conference “Theatre and Theatre Studies at the Beginning of the XXI Century: Quests, Problems, and Trends”, which brought together theorists and practitioners of theatre (and even those who combine theory and practice, like, for example, Andrey Tolshin, who is an actor of Nikolay Akimov Saint Petersburg Comedy Theatre and a professor of St. Petersburg State University of Culture). Among speakers, there were Konstantin Raikin, Moscow professors Dmitry Trubotchkin, Alexei Bartoshevich, Vidmantas Silyunas, St. Petersburg’s professor Vadim Maximov, Dmitry Zmeyev, the first Russian who had an official permission to teach and perform Indian dances, the editor-in-chief of the theatre magazine “Zamysly” (Ideas) Ekaterina Kostrikova and others. Of particular interest were foreign visitors - the professor of theatre studies from the UK Maria Shevtsova and guests from Greece: Platon Mavromoustakos, the head of the department of theatre studies, University of Athens, and Stathis Livathinos, the artistic director of Greek National Theatre in Athens. The conference featured video screening, master-classes on work with a mask and Indian dance and heated discussions as well.

Italian Thursday at RAIKIN PLAZA Hotel 30 May 2016
On June 9, the hotel chef Marco Prazzoli and jazz singer Christian Tola prepared summer surprises for our guests. One - from each of them. The chef will offer you delicious novelties: semifreddo, ravioli and tartare Milanese. Christian Tola extended his music menu with jazz compositions for a contrabass and new European hit songs.
Take a book, read a book! 26 May 2016

Raikin PLAZA HOTEL offers you to read these books during your stay. You are welcome to choose any book and return it to the shelf at your departure.

Have a good and relaxing time!

RAIKIN PLAZA Hotel invites all its guests to the Evening of Italian Music and Cuisine at the hotel restaurant on April, 21 at 7:30 PM. Italian singer and composer Christian Tola will perfom his new musical program – a mixture of modern and classical Italian songs, as well as his own melodies played by a trio.
Italiano Vero 22 April 2016

Yesterday in Raikin PLAZA Hotel’s restaurant, the singer and composer Christian Tola accompanied by Sergei Kumrayev (keyboards) and Gregory Zaitsev (contrabass) were playing modern and classic Italian tunes all night. Guests and friends of the hotel, among them students and teachers of the Italian Cultural Centre (www.centro-italiano.ru), got acquainted with novelties of the restaurant menu, presented  by the hotel chef Marco Prazzoli. The party was a success! After all, who but Italians know how to feel at ease and enjoy life?

We are Pleased and Proud to Announce Our New Award! 7 April 2016

Because of opinions of our guests from Asia at http://www.lianorg.com, Raikin PLAZA Hotel was awarded the honorary status of “Top Choice Hotel in 2016”.

Welcome to the Tightrope! 8 June 2015

For two days, the conference room of Raikin PLAZA Hotel once again became the centre of Moscow social life and brought together art and theatre professionals. On June 6 and 7, 2015 took place Moscow premiere of Franco-Italian film “The Tightrope” by Simon Brook, dedicated to work of his prominent father, director Peter Brook, whose 90th anniversary was celebrated on March 21 by the entire theatre world.

The evening opened by welcome speeches of the artistic director of Satirikon Theatre (and true admirer of Peter Brook’s creative work) Konstantin Raikin and Doctor of Arts, Professor, Head of the Department of Arts and Humanities, Konstantin Raikin’s Theatre School, Dmitriy Trubotchkin. The guests of the premiere were well-known TV and theatre actors, directors and theatre artists: Albert Filozov, Igor Yasulovich, Joseph Raihelgauz, Valeriy Barinov, Yakov Lomkin, Ekaterina Raikina, Valentina Pimanova, Victor Ryzhakov, Sergei Shentalinskiy, Alla Kozhenkova, Lyudmila Ivanilova and others. The film director Simon Brook visited Moscow and personally answered all the questions from the audience.

The event, organized together with the Russian Centre of International Theatre Institute, UNESCO concluded with fellowship at cocktail party on a summer terrace, opened specially for this event. The guests received souvenirs and stylish bouquets from Blumen and Ambien Company and were deeply impressed by their Moscow colleagues’ warm reception.

Официоз с комфортом 30 January 2015

Raikin PLAZA Hotel proved itself one of the best venues for miscellaneous events. Thus, on January 15 and 16, 2015 a regular general meeting of Professional Guild of Theatre Managers of Russia was held in the conference hall of the hotel. Participants of the event were more than 150 representatives of the largest theatres of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Siberia, the Volga region, the Crimea, the Caucasus and other Russian regions. At the meeting, the decisions were made on a number of significant issues, and its executive board was re-elected. A representative of the UNESCO International Theatre Institute was a special guest speaker of the event. The formal part of the event concluded with fellowship supported by coffee breaks and a final reception, which became a logical conclusion of the event. According to the participants, the organizers of the event and the hotel staff managed to create unique and homely atmosphere for them.

Art & Fashion 14 December 2014

The premiere of the video art project #богимои#героимои (#mygods#myheroes) was successfully held in the conference hall of Raikin PLAZA Hotel. This is the own work of theatre and movie actress Yulia Melnikova with the participation of leading actors of Satirikon Theatre.

Actress Yulia Melnikova who is known for her works for films and TV series, displayed her talents  for  directing and photographing , and her colleagues from the theatre helped her with it - Denis Sukhanov, Marina Drovosekova, Grigoriy Siyatvinda, Maxim Averin, Vladimir Bolshov, Agrippina Steklova, Timofey Tribuntsev, Lika Nifontova, Elena Butenko-Raikina, Natalia Vdovina, Anton Kuznetsov, Maryana Spivak, Glafira Tarhanova, Sergei Zarubin, Polina Shanina, Anna Seledets,  Mikhail Shiryaev, and the artistic director Konstantin Raikin himself.

The project featured “live portraits” accompanied by a display of costumes made by designer Alice Gagarina and became the subject of lively discussion among guests and participants of the theatre fashion party.

Video Art Project on December 14 and 15, 2014 25 November 2014

The project #богимои#героимои (#mygods#myheroes) is a mutual work of  Yulia Melnikova, director and photographer, designer Alice Gagarina and actors from Satirikon Theatre.

The project #богимои#героимои is high fashion, video-art and theatre, and performance; it creates atmosphere of magic and mystery. Secrets of actors who are moving away from their usual roles and images, and reveal themselves.

"I saw them …  differently, - says the author and director of the project Yulia Melnikova. – Video-portraits is my way to see actors. I am grateful to them for their sincerity and trust. I feel like sharing this with you. It is worth seeing. "

Tickets can be purchased at the box office of Satirikon Theatre or reception of Raikin PLAZA Hotel.

For information: +7 (495) 689-78-44, +7 (495) 600-36-06

Satirikon’s Anniversary 24 October 2014

On October 24,  at the conference hall of Raikin PLAZA Hotel a joyful event was celebrated  - the 75th  anniversary of its famous neighbor, Satirikon Theatre, and the 103rd  anniversary of its founder Arkady Raikin. For its anniversary, the theatre invited only “the nearest and dearest”, avoiding any official program, and the conference room of the hotel had to play the role of a mushroom from the fairy tale, which had to grow to shelter all friends. The guests were enjoying culinary delights from Marco Prazzoli, including a huge cake with Satirikon logo, and spiritual food – screening of a teaser trailer from the video art project #богимои#героимои (#mygods#myheroes)  by the actress Yulia Melnikova, dedicated to her theatre colleagues.

Guest Performances of Bashkir State Drama Theatre 21 October 2014

For a week in October, our hotel became home for Bashkir State Drama Theatre named after M. Gafuri. The company brought performances to Moscow to be shown on the stage of Satirikon Theatre. The touring site was specially chosen: in his welcoming speech Konstantin Raikin mentioned that Bashkir State Drama Theatre named after M. Gafuri was well known in Russia and good friendship started between two theatres ever since its artistic director Oleg Khanov had worked for Satirikon Theatre.

Actors appreciated the hotel location, which is very close to the theatre and metro station: it takes only 10 minutes to reach downtown. Besides, our team made every effort to make the company’s stay as comfortable as possible since a good rest is of great importance for a busy tour schedule.

About Stars 1 October 2014

In October, the hotel confirmed its high level of services and the team’s professionalism, and successfully passed 4 Star Hotel Classification.

After thorough examination of all aspects of Raikin PLAZA Hotel’s equipment and activities, specialists of Hotel Expert Association found it relevant to requirements of State Hotel Classification System.

We are happy to have the official recognition, but do not intend to rest on laurels. By raising the standards and striving to create perfect services, we are expecting new guests, who are not familiar with our hotel and we always welcome back those who have visited Raikin PLAZA Hotel before.

Party at RAIKIN PLAZA Hotel 15 May 2014

A party in honor of the summer season the beginning with the presentation of Beauty Salon at RAIKIN PLAZA Hotel was a real treat for those who have a passion for beauty. Among them were the artistic director of the "Satiricon" theater Konstantin Raikin, the famous theater and movie actor Vladimir Bolshov, and more than a hundred of invited guests.

Презентация салона красоты 14 May 2014
В ближайший четверг (15 мая) мы приглашаем на праздничную вечеринку с участием звезд театра и кино в честь открытия Салона красоты в РАЙКИН PLAZA Hotel.
Beauty Salon opening at RAIKIN PLAZA Hotel 24 February 2014
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, We invite you to visit Beauty Salon at Raikin Plaza Hotel. The beauty salon offers a vast variety of services from the leading brands in hair and nail care: Christina Fitzgerald, Alterna, Kydra.
Theatre Managers Conference 20 January 2014
On January, 16 and 17 RAIKIN PLAZA Hotel welcomed a business event, first for this year, - All Russian Conference of Professional Guild of Theatre Managers of Russia.
WE ARE OPENED 10 January 2014

Dear Friends,

This is with great pleasure we inform you that on January 10, RAIKIN PLAZA Hotel opened its door for guests.