«Raikin Plaza» Hotel, Moscow

Boutique hotel RAIKIN PLAZA is located in a quiet green area of Moscow — Maryina Roscha, close to business and cultural center of Moscow.

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Video Art Project on December 14 and 15, 2014 25 November 2014

The project #богимои#героимои (#mygods#myheroes) is a mutual work of  Yulia Melnikova, director and photographer, designer Alice Gagarina and actors from Satirikon Theatre.

The project #богимои#героимои is high fashion, video-art and theatre, and performance; it creates atmosphere of magic and mystery. Secrets of actors who are moving away from their usual roles and images, and reveal themselves.

"I saw them …  differently, - says the author and director of the project Yulia Melnikova. – Video-portraits is my way to see actors. I am grateful to them for their sincerity and trust. I feel like sharing this with you. It is worth seeing. "

Tickets can be purchased at the box office of Satirikon Theatre or reception of Raikin PLAZA Hotel.

For information: +7 (495) 689-78-44, +7 (495) 600-36-06

Satirikon’s Anniversary 24 October 2014

On October 24,  at the conference hall of Raikin PLAZA Hotel a joyful event was celebrated  - the 75th  anniversary of its famous neighbor, Satirikon Theatre, and the 103rd  anniversary of its founder Arkady Raikin. For its anniversary, the theatre invited only “the nearest and dearest”, avoiding any official program, and the conference room of the hotel had to play the role of a mushroom from the fairy tale, which had to grow to shelter all friends. The guests were enjoying culinary delights from Marco Prazzoli, including a huge cake with Satirikon logo, and spiritual food – screening of a teaser trailer from the video art project #богимои#героимои (#mygods#myheroes)  by the actress Yulia Melnikova, dedicated to her theatre colleagues.

Guest Performances of Bashkir State Drama Theatre 21 October 2014

For a week in October, our hotel became home for Bashkir State Drama Theatre named after M. Gafuri. The company brought performances to Moscow to be shown on the stage of Satirikon Theatre. The touring site was specially chosen: in his welcoming speech Konstantin Raikin mentioned that Bashkir State Drama Theatre named after M. Gafuri was well known in Russia and good friendship started between two theatres ever since its artistic director Oleg Khanov had worked for Satirikon Theatre.

Actors appreciated the hotel location, which is very close to the theatre and metro station: it takes only 10 minutes to reach downtown. Besides, our team made every effort to make the company’s stay as comfortable as possible since a good rest is of great importance for a busy tour schedule.

About Stars 1 October 2014

In October, the hotel confirmed its high level of services and the team’s professionalism, and successfully passed 4 Star Hotel Classification.

After thorough examination of all aspects of Raikin PLAZA Hotel’s equipment and activities, specialists of Hotel Expert Association found it relevant to requirements of State Hotel Classification System.

We are happy to have the official recognition, but do not intend to rest on laurels. By raising the standards and striving to create perfect services, we are expecting new guests, who are not familiar with our hotel and we always welcome back those who have visited Raikin PLAZA Hotel before.