«Raikin Plaza» Hotel, Moscow

Boutique hotel RAIKIN PLAZA is located in a quiet green area of Moscow — Maryina Roscha, close to business and cultural center of Moscow.

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Italy of Konstantin Raikin 17 February 2017
Everyone who is in love with a cultural source has his own Pushkin, his own Moscow, his Michelangelo and his Italy. “Italy of Konstantin Raikin” does not fit in plays of Goldoni and Gozzi that he staged or “Italian” parts he played.

Traditionally, the second decade of January is the time for Raikin PLAZA Hotel to host the meeting of Professional Guild of Theatre Managers of Russia. Today, the Guild includes more than 130 theatres of Moscow, St. Petersburg and most regions of Russia, represented by their leaders.

    On January 23, 2017 the annual meeting of the Guild took place in the hotel’s conference hall, where decisions were made on matters with regard to the most important trends and issues in the field of theatre arts. The guest of honor of the meeting was Mikko Hautala, the Head of the Embassy of Finland in Russia.  

    In recent years, for many members of the Guild, Raikin PLAZA Hotel became an ideal venue for formal events as well as a familiar and cozy place: Guild members are provided with accommodation at a discount and enjoy well-loved dishes at traditional coffee breaks, lunches and buffets.

Wedding Breakfast from MORISSOT Event Agency 23 January 2017

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Theatre Studies are in Focus 24 November 2016

From time to time, the conference hall of Raikin PLAZA Hotel becomes a centre of attraction for theatre professionals. On November, 15 and 16 it held a two-day scientific conference “Theatre and Theatre Studies at the Beginning of the XXI Century: Quests, Problems, and Trends”, which brought together theorists and practitioners of theatre (and even those who combine theory and practice, like, for example, Andrey Tolshin, who is an actor of Nikolay Akimov Saint Petersburg Comedy Theatre and a professor of St. Petersburg State University of Culture). Among speakers, there were Konstantin Raikin, Moscow professors Dmitry Trubotchkin, Alexei Bartoshevich, Vidmantas Silyunas, St. Petersburg’s professor Vadim Maximov, Dmitry Zmeyev, the first Russian who had an official permission to teach and perform Indian dances, the editor-in-chief of the theatre magazine “Zamysly” (Ideas) Ekaterina Kostrikova and others. Of particular interest were foreign visitors - the professor of theatre studies from the UK Maria Shevtsova and guests from Greece: Platon Mavromoustakos, the head of the department of theatre studies, University of Athens, and Stathis Livathinos, the artistic director of Greek National Theatre in Athens. The conference featured video screening, master-classes on work with a mask and Indian dance and heated discussions as well.